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Vung Tau

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The peninsula town of Vung Tau was once a pristine beach resort, known by the French as Cap St Jacques. It is still a very popular seaside getaway, but now that it is developed and home to an offshore oil industry, the quality of the water and beaches has been somewhat affected. On weekends it is crowded, noisy, and expensive. During the week, however, it is quieter, and its proximity to Ho Chi Minh City makes it a convenient beach destination.

The two main beaches here are Bai Truoc (Front Beach) on the west and the long and wide Bai Sau (Back Beach) on the east side of the South China Sea peninsula. Bai Truoc has the greater con centration of hotels, bars, and restaurants, while Bai Sau is less developed, and therefore cheaper and a much quieter place to stay.

In the vicinity of Vung Tau, two promontories, Nui Lon (Big Mountain) and Nui Nho (Little Mountain), are both worth visiting for splendid views. Nui Nho features a giant statue of Jesus; visitors can climb up to the top in order to take in the scenery. Alternatively, take a cable car to the top of Nui Lon. Vung Tau Lighthouse. located about a mile from the ferry landing also offers a superb vantage point.

The local museum, Bach Dinh, or White Villa, was the residence of Emperor Thanh Thai while he was under house arrest by the French. Inside are many interesting exhibits from the Chinese Qing Dynasty. The relics on display were salvaged from a 17th­century shipwreck.

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