Ta Cu Mountain



Ta Cu Mountain

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The scenery around Ta Cu is flat and arid, and the mountain, although only 2,100 ft  (650 m), affords spectacular views of the coast on clear days. Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda and Linh Son Long Doan Pagoda, both established in the mid-19th century, are important sites for the many Buddhist pilgrims who come to this holy mountain. However, the main attraction for most visitors – nearly all of whom are Vietnamese – is a white Reclining Buddha, 160-ft (49-m) long and claimed by the Ta Cu custodians to be the largest in Vietnam. It was sculpted in 1962.

A cable car, located near Highway 1, is available to carry visitors up the mountain to the Reclining Buddha. Alternatively, it takes two hours to reach the site on foot.

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