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Suoi Voi

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A popular weekend destination for the inhabitants of Hue or Danang, Suoi Voi, also known as Elephant Springs, is named after a huge rock that resembles the animal. This is a wonderful bathing spot, not usually frequented by visitors.

On the way from Hue, in order not to miss its tucked away location, look out for a large sign that indicates a track leading off to the right  toward the springs. About 1.5 miles (2.5 km) from here, passing the old Thua Lau Church on the way, is the entrance gate and car park for Suoi Voi. From here, the walk to the main springs is about 1 mile (1.6 km). Once there, the effects of the long, dusty walk can be washed away in its refreshing waters. Several large boulders surround the tree- filled area. All this is set scenically against the thickly jungled peaks of the Truong Son Range. Excellent for a break on the way to or from Hue, Suoi Voi is a perfect picnic spot. Facilities are minimal but there are usually food stands near the springs.

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