Reunification Express

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It’s not the Orient Express, but Vietnam’s Reunification Express is a great, fun way to travel. We use this train on our Grand Adventure, Inside Vietnam and Cambodia, Cycling Vietnam and New Vietnam tours (although note that New Vietnam travellers can take the flight option).

Conditions on the Reunification Express are basic. It has four berth sleeper compartments; some trains are air-conditioned, others fan-cooled. We always book air-conditioned trains, but on occasion we must take the fan-cooled trains, although these are not necessarily a much worse option.

On the Grand Adventure we take the Reunification Express from Hanoi to Dong Ha and on the New Vietnam we travel north from Hue to Hanoi. Both are 14-hour scheduled journeys.

We take a break from pedalling by taking the Reunification Express on our Cycling Vietnam tour, and our Inside Vietnam and Cambodia Small Group Journey also enjoys the great train ride!

Sheets and pillows are provided, although it may be an idea to bring your own sleep sheet on this journey.

Breakfast is provided on the train – it’s basic but your tour leader will supplement it with delicious fresh fruit!

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