Prasat Kravan



Prasat Kravan

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Dating from the early 10th century, Prasat Kravan was founded by Harshavarman I (r.915–23). Comprising five brick towers, it is one of the smaller temples in the com plex, and was dedicated to the Hindu god, Vishnu. The temple, whose name means Cardamom Sanctuary, is chiefly remarkable for its brickwork and bas­reliefs. These represent Vishnu, his consort Lakshmi, Garuda his eagle mount, naga the serpent, and a number of other divine attendants. The doorways and lintels of all five towers are made of sandstone, and that of the southern most tower has a fine image of Vishnu riding his Garuda mount. In the middle of the central tower is a raised stone that was used to receive water for purification rites.

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