Nui Ba Den



Nui Ba Den

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There are two major attractions in Tay Ninh province, namely Cao Dai Holy See and Nui Ba Den or the Black Lady Mountain. Despite the proximity of these sights, few visitors visit Nui Ba Den, as it is off the beaten track and cannot be reached directly by public transport. However, those who do make the trip will find it’s worth the effort.

Despite the amusement park atmosphere at the base, the real attraction here is the lovely forest-clad mountain itself. Set amid shimmering lakes and a vibrant green landscape, Nui Ba Den rises above the surrounding plains at a steep 3,235 ft (986 m). The summit boasts stunning views, as well as a shrine to Black Lady, a pious woman named Huong, who died while defending her honor. Those who want the exercise can hike up the mountain to visit the temple, but there is also a chair-lift for those who prefer a more relaxed mode of transport.

Once a Vietcong camp, the mountain was bombed and sprayed with deadly chemicals during the Vietnam War. Today, its caves, used as Buddhist sanctuaries, have regained their  beauty. An annual festival honors the spirit of Nui Ba Den, with offerings, singing, and dancing.

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