My Lai

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The small town of My Lai is best known for the tragedy that betook this area, known to locals as Tu Cung Hamlet, at the hands of US Charlie Company on March 16, 1968. The massacre of civilians in the hamlets of Son My Village, now known in history as the My Lai Massacre, is the single most shameful chapter of America’s involvement in Vietnam.

US Intelligence suggested that the 48th Local Forces Battalion of the North Vietnamese Army, which had been involved in the Tet Offensive on Quang Ngai a month earlier, was hiding in Son My. Charlie Company was part of the taskforce sent to flush them out, and it was the First Platoon led by Lieutenant William Calley that ripped through My Lai.

In all the Son My boy count reached 500, 347 of whom fell in Tu Cung Hamlet alone. Visiting My Lai with Tourism Union Indochina is a sobering and enriching experience. We take you through the history of the place and its people and its tragic, if brief, place in the Vietnam War.

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