Mui Ne Beach



Mui Ne Beach

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A 12-mile (20-km) strip of palm-shaded white sand, Mui Ne Beach (Ham Tien) curves from just east of Phan Thiet to the small fishing village of Mui Ne. The coast is backed by two excellent roads that run parallel to the beach along its entire length.

By the end of the 1990s, the beach had developed a reputation among budget travelers as a relaxed hideaway within easy reach of Ho Chi Minh City, but, as one of the best beaches south of Nha Trang, its growing reputation has inevitably led to constant and ever-increasing develop- ment. Almost the entire length of beach is now overrun with resorts and upmarket bars and restaurants; the first high-rise hotel was erected in 2009. Today the area has become an enclave for Russian tourism. A number of resorts, bars, and restaurants are Russian-owned and street signs appear in Vietnamese, Russian, and English. Above the beach, at Sealinks, is a golf course and there are plans to construct several other courses here.

Activities at Mui Ne include swimming, sunbathing, and, between November and March, kitesurfing and windsurfing. The sea here is not suitable for diving, and there are no stunning offshore coral reefs.

About halfway along the road to Mui Ne Village, Suoi Tien or Fairy Stream flows through the sand dunes to the sea. Still farther east, where the road leaves the beach and curves inland, a track to the north leads to Mui Ne’s celebrated sand dunes, where children rent out tray-like bobsleighs for “sand sledding.”

At Mui Ne Village, maturing vats of quality nuoc mam (fish sauce) fill backyards and gardens. The fishing fleet land their catch in the early mornings, and it is fascinating to wander along the beach by the village, watching the fish merchants from Phan Thiet and farther afield park their pickups on the sand and bargain with the fishermen for the freshly landed catch. Unsurprisingly, the whole area has great seafood.


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