Long Hai

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While the two cities grew, the stretch of coastline between Vung Tau and Phan Thiet was virtually deserted but a number of large resorts have now taken up residence. Home to the small town of Long Hai, this area is now rather exaggeratedly referred to as Vietnam’s Riviera. Nonetheless, the beaches are relatively unspoiled, prices are low, seafood is fresh, and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

A point of interest near Long Hai is the Mo Co Temple, where hundreds of boats from all over the region converge during the Fisher man’s Festival. Farther east is one of Bao Dai’s villas, now the posh Anoasis Resort. The beach is private, but a small fee allows full use of its facilities for the day. Although there is no direct public transport or hydrofoil from Vung Tau, the drive to Long Hai offers many worth while sights. A predominantly Catholic area, several charming churches line the highway, as do a number of interesting temples.

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