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Lien Phai Pagoda

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Lien Phai Pagoda or the Pagoda of the Lotus Sect, is one of the few surviving relics of the Trinh lords in Hanoi. According to the inscrip tion on the central stele, Lord Trinh Thap had a palace in this area, and one day his workers dug up a huge rock shaped like a lotus root in the palace gardens. Trinh Thap took this as an indication from the Buddha that he should abandon his privileged life and become a monk. He or der ed a temple to be built at the palace where the stone was discovered. The pagoda was built in 1726, and Trinh Thap spent the remainder of his life here as a monk. When he died, his ashes were inter red in the pagoda, and some of his calligraphy hangs by the main altar. The most impressive structure here is the Dieu Quang or Miraculous Light Tower, which rises through ten levels. The Lotus Sect, founded by Trinh Thap, honors the A Di Da or Amitabha Buddha, and believes that by chanting his name and ridding oneself of desire, one can be reborn in the West ern Paradise of Sukhavati or Pure Land. This sect is very popular in China and Japan.

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