Lang Co Beach



Lang Co Beach

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To appreciate the full beauty of the Lang Co Peninsula, it is best to first catch a glimpse of it from the summit of the Hai Van Pass or from the wonderful, atmospheric train ride between Hue and Danang. Looking north from here, an idyllic picture in shimmering blue, white, and green appears. A narrow spit of pristine white sand runs south from the Loc Vinh commune, dividing a gleaming saltwater lagoon to its west from the choppy South China Sea to its east. It is an idyllic location, with miles of palm­fringed, soft white sand contrasting beautifully with the aqua marine waters of the lagoon and the changing shades of the wave­flecked sea.

The beach is ideal for a leisurely swim, especially in the summer months before July, after which the area can get rather wet and dreary. Fortunately, an excellent sea ­ food lunch can be enjoyed here in any season. There are also several resorts in the area for those wishing to make a longer stay. The sleepy Lang Co village provides a glimpse into Vietnam’s simple coastal way of living.

Just south of Lang Co, a bridge vaults across the lagoon, leading to the road tunnel that carries High way 1 beneath the Hai Van Pass. This sheltered area around the bridge provides a convenient harbor for local fishermen. A stroll along this inland part of the spit reveals brightly­painted fishing boats as well as coracles, which are tiny circular boats that look a little like wicker baskets.


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