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This remote, laid-back town receives relatively few visitors, yet rewards are plentiful for anyone prepared to wander this far. Despite being heavily bombed during the Vietnam War, Kontum has retained two beautiful French-colonial wooden churches and a few French-style shopfronts. As the town has few attractions of its own, most visitors come here to explore the surrounding countryside and the many minority villages, remarkable for their trademark nha rong or communal houses. At the east side of town, the Seminary Museum, within an old French Catholic seminary, displays minority handicrafts and clothing.

Ethnic groups, including Jarai, Sedang, Rongao, and Bahnar, inhabit villages in the region, many of which can be easily accessed from Kontum. Within walking distance, the Bahnar village of Kon Kotu is about 3 miles (5 km) east of town. This community’s nha rong is made entirely of bamboo and wood, and boasts an immensely tall thatched roof typical of Bahnar design. Kon Hongo is 2.5 miles (4 km) to the west of Kontum and is peopled by the Rongao minority. Both journeys take visitors through pleasant countryside of sugarcane and cassava fields.

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