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Kim Lien

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A pilgrimage site of sorts, Kim  Lien is celebrated as the birth- place and childhood home of  Ho Chi Minh (see p173), who was born in nearby Hoang Tru village in 1890. He stayed there until he was five years old, and then moved to Hue with his father. In 1901, how ever, he returned and stayed here for another five years. A man who always shunned the trappings of power, Ho  Chi Minh vetoed the construc- tion of a museum to his life at  Kim Lien, arguing that the funds could be better used. Since his death in 1969, museums and shrines have proliferated here. About 1 mile (1.6 km) away at Hoang Tru, is a reconstruction of the house where he was born. A small museum nearby displays pictures and other personal memorabilia related to the leader’s life. Also in this area is a reconstruction of the house where he lived from 1901 to 1906. In keeping with the great man’s high principles, entry to all these sites is absolutely free of charge.

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