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Hung Kings’ Temples

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Believed by the Vietnamese to be the very earliest relics of their civilization, the temples of the Hung kings are located on Mount Nghia Linh. Built by rulers  Massive clay image of a warrior behind the altar at Thay Pagoda  One of the pleasing Hung kings’ temples, set amid lush greenery Jackfruit-wood statue, Tay Phuong Pagoda of the Vang Lang Kingdom, between the 7th and 3rd centuries BC, they are objects of great veneration. Flights of stone stairs climb sharply upwards through the trees to the lowest temple, Den Ha, the middle temple, Den Hung, and ultimately the superior temple near the top of the hill, Den Thuong. The entire area is filled with a plethora of pagodas, lotus ponds, and small shrines. The most important of these is Lang Hung – a tiny shrine, with candle and incense holders, located a few meters lower down the slope from Den Thuong. This is, supposedly, the main tomb of the Hung kings, though it is evident that it has undergone some extensive reconstructions. The views from Mount Nghia Linh’s summit sweep across the surrounding rural Phu Tho land scape, and are absolutely spectacular. At the foot of the mountain there is a small Museum. A varied selection of displays such as frog drums, pottery, arrow heads, and other historic relics are shown here. The annual Hung Kings Festival in April is now a national holiday and attracts huge crowds.

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