Ho Coc Beach



Ho Coc Beach

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Ho Coc Beach’s relative seclusion is its best feature. While popular with the Vietnamese as a week end destination, there is little public transport, only a few accommodation options, and a handful of simple cafés and restaurants. The beach is superb, with miles of clean, white sand, studded here and there with massive boulders.


Ho Coc lies adjacent to the Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve. The trees come right up to the beach, and several trails leading into the wooded area start from the sand itself. The preserve was once home to many large animals, but most have now been relocated for conservation and safety purposes. Nevertheless, the preserve is still inhabited by several species of monkeys and birds. The greenery and tranquil surroundings are extremely soothing. Guides may be hired for walking tours for a small fee.

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