Hai Ba Trung Temple



Hai Ba Trung Temple

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One of the most important temple complexes in the country, the Hai Ba Trung Temple is dedicated to the popular cult of deified heroes. It honors the heroic Trung Sisters, who were successful in expelling the Chinese for a brief period in the first century AD. Founded by Emperor Ly Anh Ton in 1142, the temple enshrines the supposedly petrified mortal remains of the sisters. The temple stands on the west bank of a small artificial lake called Huong Vien, and is entered through a broad gateway flanked by tall white columns bearing auspicious Chinese symbols and charac ters for longevity, and surmounted by stylized lotus flowers.

The temple is generally not open to the public. However, during the annual festival, it attracts hundreds of devotees. During this grand event, both the statues are bathed in water from the nearby Red River and dressed in new red robes.

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