General Post Office



General Post Office

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Designed by French architect Gustave Eiffel between 1886 and 1891, Buu Dien Trung Tam or the General Post Office is one of the most attractive buildings in the city. Its massive façade is coral colored with a cream trim and also features carvings of the faces of famous philosophers and scientists, below which are finely engraved inscriptions. In all, the building is no less than a temple to the art of communicating by mail. Strangely evocative of the inside of a railway station, the interior is vaulted and supported by wrought-iron pillars painted green, with gilded capitals. The floor tilework is intricate, especially in the foyer where huge antique maps illuminated by chandeliers depict the city and the region. One of the maps shows the city in 1892, and another portrays the region in 1932. A large portrait of Ho Chi Minh gazes over the daily bustle. Wooden writing benches are available for patrons’ use, as is a kiosk selling souvenirs and stamps. The entire hall is cooled by overhead fans.

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