Flora, Fauna, and Birds of Northern Vietnam



Flora, Fauna, and Birds of Northern Vietnam

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Under a thick, rich canopy of evergreen forests, the rugged mountainous hinterland of Northern Vietnam protects an amazingly diverse biosphere. Thousands of types of flora flourish here, as do a plethora of bird, mammal, and reptile species. However, a vast number of animals, many endemic to Vietnam, are currently under threat. Critically endangered species include the kouprey and the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey. The Asian elephant and the white-rumped black lemur are also facing serious threat. Fortunately, the autho rities are beginning to take notice and have adopted a proactive stance against poaching. With sustained conservation and reforestation measures, it is hoped that the north will eventually reach an ecological balance.

Flora The mountains and valleys of Northern Vietnam are covered with thick forests, sheltering a wealth of tropical and sub tropical flora, ranging from towering rainforests, dwarf bamboos, and tiny ferns to creeping vines, exquisite orchids, and colorful rhododendrons.

The Annamese silver pheasant lives on the slopes of the Truong Son and Hoang Lien Son Mountains. Its red legs, red face, and black crest set off its lovely silver plumage.

Fauna The Truong Son Range has revealed more previously unknown large mammals than any other location during the late 20th century. These include the Vu Quang ox, the giant muntjac, and the Truong Son muntjac. Deer, wild boar, as well as many pri mate species inhabit the forests, especially in Cuc Phuong

The Indochinese tiger once roamed the forests of Northern Vietnam freely. Mainly due to the use of tiger parts in traditional medicine, less than 50 of these majestic beasts survive in Vietnam today.

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