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Fine Arts Museum

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At first sight, this handsome building, painted a burned yellow with white trim, appears typically French. Built on a large scale, the structure features columns and wrought-ironwork on windows and balconies, all topped with a Chinese-style tiled roof.

Inside, the museum is home to three floors of Vietnamese art, which includes ceramics, lacquerware, sculptures, and oil paintings by Vietnamese and foreign artists. The first floor hosts rotating exhibits of contemporary art. The second floor is given over largely to political art, almost all of it related to the Vietnam War. It displays paintings of some of the leading artists of the country. This floor also has a fine selection of ceramics, mostly of Chinese style or origin. The museum’s most interesting collection can be found on the third floor. Cham, Funan, Khmer, Chinese, and Indian works of art are well represented here. On display are many antiques, Oc Eo pottery and sculptures, Chinese objets d’art and wood carvings, and Cham statues. A main highlight is a set of wooden funeral statues from the Central Highlands dating from the early 20th century. Unfortunately, there is little in the way of English signage to help understand the exhibits. Two galleries behind the museum also offer pieces of contemporary art for sale. The museum holds exhibitions by local artists very often. There are quite a few private galleries on the courtyard.

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