Cu Chi Tunnels



Cu Chi Tunnels

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The small town of Cu Chi is famous for its elaborate network of tunnels, located at a distance of around 9 miles (15 km) from the town itself. There are two different tunnel systems here. The one at Ben Dinh village was used by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War. The guided tour begins in a briefing room, where maps and charts display the extent of the network. Following an audio-visual presentation on tunnel history, visitors are led to an area set with faux booby traps and mannequins of Vietcong fighters. Close by are trapdoors that lead down into narrow tunnels. Although these have been widened to accommodate Western visitors, many still find them claustrophobic. Deep down in the depths, the chambers have been restored to the way they might have been at the time of war, with beds, stoves, and caches of ammunition.

The second set of tunnels is at Ben Duoc. Created mainly  for tourism purposes, the tunnels here are better equipped  than the actual ones used by the Vietcong.

Cu Chi town is known for its shooting galleries, but there is also a memorial pagoda, which features murals and a striking sculpture in the shape of a tear. The rather plain war cemeteries all over the area can be seen from the road.

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