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China Beach

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The long stretch of beaches between Danang and the Marble Mountains is known to the Vietnamese as the My Khe, My An, and Non Nuoc beaches. However, these white sandy shores were known to US servicemen as China Beach and were later highlighted by an eponymous popular TV series. Though banned by the government, a number of developers have taken to using the designation China Beach in an attempt to encourage foreign visitors.

During the Vietnam War, the Americans – for whom Danang was among the most important and secure bases in South Vietnam – developed My Khe and My An beaches as a rest-and-recreation center for US forces taking a few days leave from the war. Today, nothing remains of the former R&R facilities, although several souvenir stalls and sea food restaurants have sprung up here. A number of upscale resorts have opened towards the south end of the beach. The beach is fast becoming a popular destination for surfing and swimming. Summer months are the safest as the sea can be quite choppy.

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