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Cao Lanh

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Although the town itself is not remarkable, the drive to Chau Doc via Cao Lanh is pleasant. The Dong Thap Museum, which displays many of the traditional implements used by delta farmers and fishermen, including a large model of a boat and fish traps, is a worthwhile stop. The Soviet-style War Memorial is a big clam-shell  structure, festooned with ham- mers, sickles, and flags.  The cemetery at the memorial is filled with the graves of Vietcong soldiers. A mile southwest of town is Nguyen Sinh Sac Tomb, a memorial to Ho Chi Minh’s father, surrounded by plaques stating his revolutionary credentials.


Stretching to the north of Cao Lanh, the rich swamplands of Dong Thap Muoi, or Plain of Reeds, are home to many birds. The Tram Chim National Park, 28 miles (45 km) northwest of  town, once drew legions of bird- watchers who braved the long  boat ride to see the red-headed cranes here. The red-headed crane can be spotted from December to May only and is becoming increasingly rare to sight. Vuon Co Thap Muoi,  about 27 miles (44 km) north- east of Cao Lanh, is home to  many white storks. Southeast of Cao Lanh, the Rung Tram Forest once housed a hidden Vietcong base of resistance, Xeo Quyt. This restricted site can be reached by a 30-minute boat ride after seeking permission from the tourist office.

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