Binh Chau Hot Springs



Binh Chau Hot Springs

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With more than a hundred natural hot springs reputed to be imbued with therapeutic properties, Binh Chau is not frequented merely by the rheumatic and arthritic. Although the mineral­rich mud and hot springs are obviously the main attractions here, the place is an amusement center as well.

The Binh Chau Hot Springs Resort here is now a popular holiday destination, boasting a karaoke bar, tennis courts, and snooker tables. Public and private facilities for hot spring baths are on offer as well. The private baths are enclosed by wooden screens for dressing and overhead coverings for shade. These can accommodate two to ten people, and incur a higher charge than the public facilities. The public baths have a swimming pool. The water averages 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) though some pools can reach a simmering 82 degrees C (180 degrees F). As entertainment, baskets of eggs are available for dunking into the pools to cook. People can boil eggs in the hot springs as well. Large statues of chickens indicate the spots where such a venture is possible. For a relaxing spa experience, thera peutic mud baths are also on offer here.

Amid the springs are verdant marsh lands. There are also some well­marked walking trails in the area where visitors can take a stroll.

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