Beaches Around Nha Trang



Beaches Around Nha Trang

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The numerous beaches scattered along the sandy shoreline to the north of Nah Trang, together with the small archipelago of pretty islands that lies just out to sea, add significantly to this seaside resort’s appeal. Several tour companies organize day tours and usually offer a seafood lunch and plenty of iced beer. At the quieter and less developed northern destinations such as Dai Lanh and Hon Lao – the latter populated by monkeys – activities include swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. More organized, and often raucous, entertainment, such as waterskiing, parasailing, and drinking at a floating bar, is to be expected at the islands of the archipelago.

Sights at a Glance

Dai Lanh Beach
Hon Ong (Whale Island)
Doc Let
Jungle Beach
Hon Lao (Monkey Island)
Hon Chong
Hon Tre (Bamboo Island)
Hon Mieu
Hon Tam
Hon Mot
Hon Mun (Ebony Island)

Dai Lanh

At the northern end of a long sandy peninsula, Dai Lanh is an idyllic, practically deserted, casuarina-lined beach.

Hon Ong

Sheltered by Van Phong Bay, Hon Ong, or Whale Island, is isolated, pristine, and known for fine diving.

Doc Let

Still relatively untouched by tourism, Doc Let has a magnificent white sand beach. Jungle Beach, popular with backpackers, is a short motorbike ride away.

Hon Mun

Renowned for the best snorkeling in the archi pel ago, the reefs around Hon Mun are sadly poorly protected from the local fishing fleet.

Hon Tre

Dominated by a 600-ft (180-m) hill, Hon Tre or Bamboo Island is the largest of the islands near Nha Trang. On the northeast coast, the white sands of Bai Tru Beach are home to the luxurious Vinpearl Resort.


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