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Bac Ha

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A small town at 2,950 ft (900 m) above sea level in the Chay River massif, Bac Ha has a deserted air for much of the week. However, on Sunday mornings, it attracts hill peoples, such as the Dao, Tay, Thai, Nung, and the colorful Flower Hmong among many others from all over the surrounding mountains. All of them head for Bac Ha’s dusty  town center and market, lead- ing ponies stacked high with  fire wood, and carrying baskets loaded with merchan dise. Items sold and exchanged include bush meat, vegetables, fruits, spices, and exquisitely embroidered goods. Most hill people also use this occasion to stock up on necess ities as well as lux uries that are not available in the hills. Toiletries, religious paraphernalia, and incense sticks, as well as needles, thread, and cloth for embroidery are just some of the products in demand here.

Environs Many visitors to Bac Ha also head farther north in order to combine a visit to the Sunday market with a trip to the small settlement of Can Cau. Located about 12 miles (20 km) from Bac Ha town, this charming village hosts a Saturday market, which is very popular with locals and visitors alike, espe cially for being delightfully vibrant and extremely colorful. Bac Ha district is also known for its potent maize alcohol, distilled most espe cially at the small village of Ban Pho, a Flower Hmong settlement just 2.5 miles (4 km) to the west of Bac Ha town.

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