Ba Be National Park



Ba Be National Park

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Located in a remote upland region, this lush park is centered on three linked lakes – Ba Be means Three Bays. Together they form the country’s largest freshwater lake area. Covering about 40 sq miles (100 sq km), the park is dominated by dramatic limestone peaks, waterfalls, and grottos. The region’s tropical forests are also home to an abundance of wild life, including the François langur and the endangered Tonkin snub-nosed monkey. Some of the main attractions in Ba Be National Park include the Dau Dang Falls, a spectacu lar series of cas cades, found at the northwest end of the lake. Also worth seeing is the Hang Puong, a fascinating grotto that tunnels its way all through the mountains. Situated around 7 miles (12 km) up the Nang River, this narrow cave can be navigated in a small boat, though the trip takes the better part of a day. To the south of the lake lies Pac Ngoi, a charm ing vil lage, which is inhabited by the Tay minority. Many villagers  set up their houses as home- stays for foreign visitors.

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