With over 30 years’ experience in the region, Indochina Royal Travel ( Tui Travel) is an expert designer and operator of experientially-rich holidays in Asia, specialising in culturally immersive small group journeys, tailor made independent journeys, or private special interest group itineraries. With operations hubs in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, we know these countries intimately. Our local service teams craft unique travel experiences, which are delivered responsibly – with passion, sincerity, and insight.

Beyond Indochina we work with select regional specialists to operate our unique small group journey program in Burma, Thailand, India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Mongolia.

We are an Indochina specialist DMC. We know the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos intimately, having designed and operated tours in the region since the early 1990s. As such we can also service all of your client’s needs; from bespoke multi-country tailor made itineraries, special occasion family and honeymoon trips, to special interest tours for schools, clubs, social groups, sporting clubs, photography, cycling and much more.

We understand your needs – We do not cut corners. We do not disperse our expertise widely in the pursuit of operating budget or ‘generic’ large impersonal group tours. Instead, we take enormous pride in taking the time to understand the needs of our customers, and in delivering inspiring journeys themed with cultural interactions, contact with local people, and fantastic food experiences.

Our goal is to ensure that visitors to our Asia leave with lasting memories of fun and immersive experiences – whether shared with family or with a small group of like-minded travellers. We believe the holiday should not only be restorative, but also transformative.


Real Insider experiences. Our emphasis is on providing what we call our ‘insider experiences’ so that our travellers depart Asia with a better understanding of a fascinating part of the world; one which is layered with cultural complexities and activity options unrevealed and overlooked by the ‘do it yourself’ traveller.

Innovation commitment. Our local service teams constantly refresh what we do and how we do it – at ‘must see’ sites we use quiet approaches, often on foot, and away from noisy tourist crowds and large coach buses. We work with our staff, their families and their friends to develop experiences which we own and can tailor to the needs of our business partners.

We believe that tour content and service innovation is critical for the future existence and growth of our business. We seek partners who share this belief.





Small Group Journey specialists. We specialise in operating small group journeys, crafted with vigour, underpinned by quality, and developed exactly according to the needs of our partners. With over 1000 scheduled departure dates across 11 countries to choose from, you can pick and choose what you want to promote, without any risk for a guaranteed per person price. So regardless of whether you sell 2 people or 10 people on a departure date, you know what your costs are and we take care of the rest.

Our itineraries include experiences and accommodations which have been thoroughly researched, properly tested, meet safety standards, and make for a great holiday experience!

Because we have been operating small group journeys across Asia for over two decades, we have outstanding relationships with local suppliers, and very strong buying power.

We focus on experiences. Our western and local staff have lived in Asia for years, or for lifetimes! Our staff know their destinations as few others do, and have local contacts which allow us to create itineraries which are unique and the envy of other tour operators.

We are based in Asia. We don’t outsource our operations. We operate seven customer service and operations offices in Indochina and have one of the strongest on-the-ground presences of any tour company in the region.

We innovate. We believe there is too much repetition in Indochina travel offerings. We strive to find different ways of seeing and doing things, which make our itineraries stand out from those offered by mainstream tour operators. Increasingly we work with our own staff, their family and friends to create experiences which are unique, and which can be tailored to the needs and interests of our business partners.


We employ staff in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos who are directly responsible for developing innovative and competitively-priced touring content, for use in small group journey itineraries and for marketing by our business partners as ‘points of difference’.

We are owned by SANGA. Ltd, a prominent company in Vietnam offering a diverse range of services. Specializing in organizing tours throughout Southeast Asia, we excel in creating unforgettable travel experiences. Moreover, our exclusive Vietnam Sourcing Trip opens doors to extraordinary sourcing ventures, guiding businesses towards successful growth opportunities. Additionally, we are known for manufacturing high-quality medical equipment for hospitals, contributing to the healthcare sector’s advancement.. This means we work to international operations standards and highly professional risk mitigation standards.

Wherever possible, we demand that our suppliers possess relevant insurances. We have a practised emergency response process, and our offices are staffed with western management, highly experienced in dealing with the needs of reputable international tour partners.



May 2010 – Laos Office Opens

Due to an increase travellers to Laos, we opened our first operations office in the capital Vientiane, followed shortly after by another in Luang Prabang.

June 2008 – Danang Office Opens

Having well established tours in the cultural space, there was a growing interest in visiting Vietnam’s spectacular beaches. A Vietnam office was opened to support this demand and to better serve travellers visiting central Vietnam.

2003 and 2004 – Cambodia Offices Opens

To secure a ground presence in Cambodia, the first office was opened in the capital city of Phnom Penh. Soon after, a second office which provided a gateway to the temples of Angkor and the vibrant nightlife of Siem Reap.

1994 – Hanoi Office Opens

Five years after launching, our second operations office was opened in Vietnam’s ancient capital, Hanoi.

1993 – Tours Operations to Indochina

With our inaugural tour receiving excellent feedback, we began operating one to two tours per month to Indochina.

1993 – Our First Tour

Our co-founder Sang led our first tour to Vietnam with a group of friends that tested the first itinerary.




Indochina. Combining the three countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, Indochina is where our story began and remains at the heart of what we do. Everything that we love about Asia, you can find here. We fuel our passion by seeking out new places, activities and experiences to share with your travellers so, like us, they return time and time again. Connections between the countries of Indochina – whether by air, land or water – are easy and efficient, providing a compelling reason to visit a combination of contrasting countries in one fascinating holiday.

Vietnam. There is plenty to discover in this beautiful, complex land. From the vibrant energy of the cities to the timeless rural landscapes and stunning coastline, Vietnam’s diversity is astounding. While the tourism industry has burgeoned in recent years, there are still vast tracts of inland and coastal territory little exposed to tourism, and which makes for a rewarding holiday adventure.

Cambodia. Most people are drawn here by the incredible temples of Angkor, but we’ll show you a lesser-known side just as compelling – a charming capital, friendly locals and palm-fringed beaches. New roads and improved air connections make it easy to create entire holidays to the ‘Kingdom of Wonder’, rich in cultural, architectural, and geographical attractions.

Laos. With its slower pace, age-old traditions and colonial charm, Laos is often likened to the Asia of yesteryear. This is precisely what appeals to travellers along with the magic of the Mekong River. From the languid UNESCO former royal capital, Luang Prabang, to the sleepy riverside capital, Vientiane and the tranquil far south, a journey in Laos is one of contrasts – scenic, ethnic, and cultural.



Local offices. Our seven customer service centres in Indochina employ local and expatriate staff who are passionate about sharing Indochina and its fascinating sites and cultures with the rest of the world. The overseeing of western senior management ensures that the needs and demands of international clients are met, and usually exceeded.

Saigon office. Our head office in Saigon, Vietnam is our reservations headquarters and the driver of customer service and product innovation initiatives. Our reservations and operations teams are skilled at providing efficient and prompt services. Our professional organisation structure means that senior expertise is called in, when it is needed.

Local guides. Our local guides, many of whom have been permanent employees for a number of years, have a wealth of knowledge and a passion for their work. They share real experiences from their own lives and insights into their family life, influences and beliefs, to provide your clients with a deeper understanding of the places they visit. This is what motivates our guides; not shopping commissions.

Our management. Our managers live in Asia and have an enthusiasm for the region that is contagious. They are professionals who have lived in Indochina for many years, or were born there – so they’re passionate about the history and culture and the people of the region they call ‘home

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